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Being a Wiproite

I fond of Writing about my very small tenure with Wipro Technologies at Bangalore.

From my college days, I had a strong goal that I want to work in the Wipro Campus which situated in Electronic City, Bengaluru. With that wish, I joined in Wipro in August 2009 with a feel of satisfaction.

I enjoyed the atmosphere that was around me in that eco-friendly environment, vastly spread out greenish gardens, spacious buildings unlike concrete structures, Courts for distinct games and sports, plenty of cafeteria’s/restaurants/bakeries, etc..,

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Adieu Carnivalites….!

Huh…! Just stepped in Noida on November 16th 2006, for joining in TATA Consultacy Services. There it starts my relation with Carnival Project and it started from the day ONE only.

Well …! Project was just initiated by two of us (Me and Charu). So it started our long working office hours, Interviews, validations, Tele confs and even written examinations. There it lands up and then vasting the teamsize and successful Offshore engagement and thereafter Onsite engagements were achieved.

In this process, I caught up with many friends and colleagues of our team as Sandesh, Sachin, Charu, Puneet, Deepak, Sanjib, Param, Naveen,Atul, Shiv, Rachana, Kandi, Rajesh, Swathi, Neeraj, Manish, Suvanwes, Sandeep and Richa.

With these some account level colleagues, friends, and higher management personnels like Abhijit, Manoharan, Siddhartha, DG, Vijay, Sudesh, Rakesh, GT, Shiva, etc.., were pretty near to me. 

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Informatica Innovation Awards

Great Folks say that easy things are not that much easier to do. But they forgotten to say that it is very hard to achieve some of the milestones.

Here, With very hard and dedicated work; we, our team (Carnival DW team) achieved the prestegious award from the “Informatica Corporation” for the year 2009.

Truley to be said, its a great hearing from the client that our two of the projects got Innovation awards from Infa Corp for this year.

And moreover as a handy contributor, I am pretty much glad and proud that the projects that have recieved these innovation awards have been worked by me as a wholesome.

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Royal Enfield – Legend’s Ride

All are passionate about bikes and will do feats to impress others or satisfy themselves.

In the same fashion, I too written my name into the Bikers club by becoming a proud owner for the most exclusive bike – “Royal Enfield Thunderbird TwinSpark“.

Oohups…. I never thinked off riding such a huge bike which almost weighs a 400lbs. (180Kg).

On a fine day, I have tried one of my friend’s bike and on that day only decided that if i want to go for bike, then It will be Royal Enfield. This raised an unusual excitement which finally went in this way.


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Apple iPOD Classic

This is all about my newly owned Apple iPOD classic.

Every hobby is special to each individual and can be defined in many ways.

I know there’s a lot of hobbies such as reading, writing, drawing, painting and other millions of hobbies. But in them, the best one is listening music.You can listen the instrumental beats, Listen the lyrics and even you can hum along with it.

“Music is the poetry of the air”, as quoted by Richter.

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