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Roman Stories about Months

We all knew that there were 12 months in an year. But many secrets are there behind these month names and one of them which I read recently is pretty close and linked to these Roman Stories.

Coming in detail about these stories for each month is as follows –


Hundred Years ago, A Roman King named “Janas” who had two heads in opposite to each other. Romans believe that the work which initiated by praying him will get succeeded. So January is named on this God’s name.

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Happy days – Sekher Kammula

In my blog, I thought that this post should be there soon after watching this movie, “Happy days”.

Sekher Kammula, I think he can’t be defined as a director, he is a man of  creativity  and just directed as it happens in every college student’s life. The new boys didn’t acted in movie, but they lived in the roles of Chandu, Madhu, Tyson, Rajesh, Appu, Swash, and many more…!

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Data Warehousing Forum…

Our Data Warehousing Forum is a place of gathering people from all over the world to discuss a variety of Data warehousing topics.

Here you can have a lot of stuff related to databases, ETL tools, Reporting tools and many more….

This forum is open for each and every one who wants to ask your queries, share your thoughts on different scenarios, give suggestions for beginners and to grow your knowledge…

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Hrithik Roshan – Ambassador of Sony Ericssion

Hrithik Roshan’s popularity is growing by the day and of course many new endorsements are coming his way.

The success of “Krrish” and “Dhoom 2” has boosted the brand equity of Hrithik Roshan and he is once again becoming the favourite for the advertising world with increasing numbers of brands coming his way for endorsements.

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