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I am Siva Prasad, in short and lovingly called ‘Sipra‘.


I am working as an Informatica Consultant in Data Warehosuing stream. As a professional, I’ll be always in getting the knowledge from all over.

As a part of it, I have started a DW ForumA great resource for all the Data warehousing Professionals & Beginners; Where I am sharing the knowledge with all Dw folks.


I love Photography, Travelling, Cooking, Listening Music, playing cricket, shuttle and Making Friends.

How to get me:

I am also a man of few words, no wonder,I do not have much to say about myself but you can easily get to know a lot about me by being my friend.

About me:

I currently reside in Hyderabad, India; making my sweet home for my dearest and very near to my home town. travelled a lot around the country and felt very happy as I had seen some different types of people and their cultures and made a bunch of friends who will always be with me at a kocking distance though they are far away.

And moreover here enjoying all the fun & tough hours with team members, colleagues and counter-parts.

I find delight in life’s simple pleasures including hanging out with my near & dears, dining at one of our favorite restaurants and catching a good flick at the movies.

I was born in Guntakal and almost covered different places in Andhra becoz of my papa’s profession. All the schooling part was completed in Adoni and Guntakal itself. I finished Diploma & Graduation in Engineering from Nandyal. I enjoyed a lot by staying over there for almost 8 years, having a lot of fun with my friends Dimpu, Srik, Malli, Jyo, Suni, Cylinder Seenu, Manu, Satya, etc…,

After that I Completed my graduation in Electrical & Electronics Engg. from RGMCET, Nandyal with my dearest friend Bangaru and so many near & dear like Achari, Shyamala, Sowmya, Satya, Satish, Narsimha, Kishore, Sarala, Sirisha, Tejaswini, Radhika, Rangaiah, Ramu, Sunil, and a lot more to pen.

As a traveller, I gained a friend called Paddu. This incident happened 8 years before and upto now we are very good friends.

ohhhhh…..! Most memorable moment which I’ll never forget through out my life with spending some precious time with my friends Sri, Sandy, Ani.

Thats all about me, my education, hobbies, friends and many more… But so much disappointing me, that as I have missed out contact with some of them. If anyone passes by here, please get back to me.

As I fond of travelling, I acquired a taste in my first 11 years of life while living in south India and visiting various places in South India. Now I got a chance to visit the north India. You can find some of the wonderful places that I visited recently i.e.,

Adding to these, I feel that my photography is good. so this habitual makes me to keep on moving to scenic locations and a lot more. You can feel the touch of my photogrpahy in Gallery

I also have a peculiar fondness for cooking and sharing the recipes with my friends. Luckily, they are just eaters and not cooks. I was fond of making food because of my Mother as she is a great cook. I donot know what is there in her hands, what ever she makes it will be so tasty. I think this is called motherhood.

I like Electrical machines and Drawing; and very much scared with networks as I am not interested in calculations, and most other things that pass my way.

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