Being a Wiproite

I fond of Writing about my very small tenure with Wipro Technologies at Bangalore.

From my college days, I had a strong goal that I want to work in the Wipro Campus which situated in Electronic City, Bengaluru. With that wish, I joined in Wipro in August 2009 with a feel of satisfaction.

I enjoyed the atmosphere that was around me in that eco-friendly environment, vastly spread out greenish gardens, spacious buildings unlike concrete structures, Courts for distinct games and sports, plenty of cafeteria’s/restaurants/bakeries, etc..,

 But before taking up that sweetish moments, I stepped to work for the prestigeous client Bank of New York Mellon in Support shifts. Ofcourse, I am there because of that Critical requirement for this client, but  I was unable to enjoy the feel of my goal satisfaction.

In this very short time, I became so close to my colleagues cum friends like Uma Mahesh, Sahas, Abhishek (Chotu), Kavitha, Lakshmi, Shubham, Krish, Shail, Sid, Ramesh, Bhuvana, Ghaziabad Ankit, Sharukh and Punitha.

The only element that forced me to quit is the working conditions; i.e., sticking to the seat for the time slots and sleak management.

 But finally I have move beyond my heart saying due to these circumstances…  hmmmm..  :(

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2 Comments on “Being a Wiproite”

  1. swaminath Says:

    emi ra ee madya nee site lo emi kottadanam ledu….
    konchem marchu voy…

  2. sipra Says:

    Bit busy with Project work ra.. Very soon you see my blogging.

    Catch up a short time..! :)