Endorsements v/s Team India

Endorsements make our Team India to play like this. Is these Endorsements should be continued in future or not ? According to me, they are getting Money from endorsements. they are becoming lazy and not at all putting their efforts to win the matches. Is there any meaning in Dhoni giving advertisements for Mysore Sandal soap. How idiots they are? Please tell me Dhoni is more Beutiful/Handsome than any Heroine or Anchor….! or there is no lady for them to choose.

Somebody Please suggest them.

See what happened to PAk team and we please Team India not to get this position. More than One Billion people treating them as Gods, by seeing that can’t these guys motivate ? Still we have hope on you..

So Team India, Please stop all these endorsements, Leave the Laziness and Try to keep 100% effort to stay in the CWC-2007.

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