Today, when I was surfing the Internal portal of TCS i.e., Ultimatix; I have noticed a poll about the Carpooling. Of Course, heard about it earlier but was curious to know more about the history and invention of Carpooling.

This is the Storyline behind it.

Generally carpooling is nothing but sharing a car with a person. The other synonyms for the Carpooling are car-sharing, ride-sharing, lift-sharing and covoiturage.

 History of carpooling – 

                         These projects got their shape in the mid of 1970’s. Some countries have introduced high-occupancy vehicle and Toll lanes (HOV) to encourage carpooling.

Present of Carpooling –

HOV lanes have successfully been implemented on State Route 91 (Orange County) and Interstate 15 (San Diego) in California, Interstate 10 in Texas (Houston), Interstate 25 in Colorado and Interstate 394 in Minnesota (Minneapolis).

Pros –

  • There’s a set of pool members who are travelling in same time slots can share the vehicle and reduce the costs involved in repetitive driving, fuel charges, reducing carbon footprint, etc.,
  • This will also combat against the rising traffic congestion.
  • It also decreases the pollution, space for parking, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Cons –

  • Slugging, which means sharing a vehicle by unknown persons; which may lead to severe problems.

 Similarly, a program is getting initiated in TCS to reduce the Global warming and Greenhouse effect.

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  1. Manoharan Says:

    How about bus pooling ? Just heard about this bus booking site.