What Office….?

What office ??????? Boring place where no body wanna stay for 8 hours, but does anyway.

At present in Noida, where I am working, it is not like that. I enjoy a lot with all of my colleagues without any age difference.

We play Table tennis, Badminton, etc., when ever we will get some time.

Ha Ha…..!!!

Here are some photographs from my TCS office.

Of course, we not only enjoy, but when ever work is there, we will work like dogs, with out any time limits.

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2 Comments on “What Office….?”

  1. charu Says:

    well,…i disagree the office is not that boring,…..lots of interesting work coming up these days,…..

  2. sipra Says:

    Then, Why are you waiting Charu… ? :-)
    Proceed …!