Web Addiction

As a Software professional, I shouldn’t blog on this topic as 70% of our community are totally addicted to Internet. And we should accept that our lives are totally miged with this culture.

These days, people (our community + college folks) are fond of the social networking webpages like orkut, Facebook, MySpace, linkedin, Twitter and many more. And we will be spending our most of the time on these sites for chit-chatting or sharing some funny info. In due course these networking sites bacme so popular and creeped up to Top 100 Page rankings.

Here my blogging on this topic is not to go against the usage of these socal networking pages or to express the loss of of valuable time, but to enhance the knowledge of the utilization.

If we are struck up in any coding/bug-fixing, first thing we do is to search for it Google not going beyond the yellow pages of the application/tool, becoz we make up our mind that; In very less time we can explore that information and can provide a solution to our problem.

Recently, I’ve recieved a funny email on Rajani Kanth. If Rajani kicks a guy, that guy will be not searched by even Google.

And coming to reality, I want to share this moment which happened in my life.

I have finished my graduation in 2005 and a year back only Orkut got launched and we(friends) started using this for having some fun. In mid of 2005, I called up one of my Junior (a gal) for Orkutting. At the end of 2008, one fine day I called her(she went to US for masters) and a day after, I looked her home page in Orkut and astonished by seeing her Scrap count. It went beyond a million. At that moment I decided to delete my Orkut ID and deleted.

Just wanna to say that web utilization should not go beyond limits. As Alcohol & nicotine are dangerous to human health, this web addiction is also more harmful to human lifes.

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  1. Kaizen Says:

    Newton’s 3rd law says “every action has equal reaction”; so in common people take more -be things than +ve ones