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Replantation – Go Green

Green Revolution :

Moving a tree from one location to other location is a daunting task as it will be having various tasks before starting the process. By learning how to replant a tree, you can maximize your the tree’s chances for survival and help it flourish in its new environment.

We have taken below mentioned various steps/measures we have taken :

  • Locate the spot where you will be replanting the tree.
  • Moisten the soil around the tree thoroughly about 2 to 3 days prior to the move.
  • Find the tree’s roots. You will need to leave as much of the tree’s root system in place as possible.
  • Mark & excavate the land where you replant the tree.
  • Dig a trench around the tree’s base. The trench needs to be approximately 1.5 to 3 feet deep.
  • Cut the unwanted branches so that tree can be survived after replantion with minimal food supplies to its branches.
  • Dig out the tree with your spade, and leave the roots and surrounding dirt intact.
  • Pull the tree out of the hole, and round out the bottom of the root beneath using the spade. Cut beneath the roots as necessary to cover the roots. Try not to displace any dirt.
  • Lift and carry the tree beneath the root base as shown in picture, not the trunk. Transport it to the transplanted spot.
  • Lower the tree gently into the hole. Position it using the mark you created, and make sure it faces the sun in its original direction and point the tree in straight direction.
  • Fill in the remainder of dirt you removed from the hole, creating a slight mound around the trunk base and also provide nutrients to the tree.
  • Water the newly replanted tree thoroughly.
  • Monitor the tree closely over the next month or so, and water it every 2 to 3 days.
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