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Apple iPOD Classic

This is all about my newly owned Apple iPOD classic.

Every hobby is special to each individual and can be defined in many ways.

I know there’s a lot of hobbies such as reading, writing, drawing, painting and other millions of hobbies. But in them, the best one is listening music.You can listen the instrumental beats, Listen the lyrics and even you can hum along with it.

“Music is the poetry of the air”, as quoted by Richter.

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What are we ……?

It’s a question to be asked by ourselves before giving statements on it.
Are the people behaving with some humanity or not ? It’s a question raised in each personnel in these days.

Nation shocked and shivered with successive bomb blasts in last 4 months and in last week terrorist attacking the Indian Financial capital. Adding to this our politicians/Leaders partitioning the country/state into religious/caste/regional divisions for their possess benefits.

Humans are naming themselves as hindus, muslims, Indians, Americans, Delhites, Andhrites but they never they that “we are HUMANS….

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