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Rishikesh – Land of Ashrams

The City Rishikesh, which is located in Uttarakhand – “Dev Bhumi” is 238 kms away from Delhi and 24 kms from Haridwar. This place is known as the “Tapo Bhumi” or “The place for meditation of the Gods”.

Rishikesh is one of the popular pilgrimage for the Hindus. At this place the Ganges leaves the mountains and prepares herself to begin a long journey through the plains. Here are some photographs from my Rishikesh trip

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Haridwar – Gateway to the Gods

Haridwar called as “The Gatway to the Gods” is one of the Holy place of Hindus located on the banks of river Ganges. This is also gateway to the four pilgrimages in the Uttrakhand region.
Ganga leaving from Himalayas enters firstly into the plain lands in this city.

Here are some photographs from my Haridwar trip

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