Jaipur.. The Pink City

I went to JAIPUR two weeks ago. It’s a wonderful city of rich heritage as can still be seen in the numerous Mahals (palaces) like JalMahal, HawaMahal, Amber Palace.
All over world Jaipur is called as PINK CITY. Here are some photographs from my Jaipur trip
The government made a rule that for every bulding they have to be painted with pink only.

I went to Jaigarh where I saw a World famous cannon, which was forged but never used, it was only tested once. It’s the biggest cannon in the world. It would consume 100kgs of gunpowder for just one charge, and can cover a 22km range. Its wheels alone are 9feet in diameter.

I’ll suggest Indian Government to make 100 such cannons and declare war on PAKISTAN.

Birla Mandir is a very beautiful temple which I can never forget.
It has idols of Lord Krishna with Rukmani, made of 24 carat gold ! Built with extreme artistic intricacy.

Jaipur is also famous for manufacturing Quilts & rugs which are exported all over world.
It’s said that a quilt weighs only 100gm.

Finally, see the museum if you visit Jaipur … you can see a lot of swords and guns …

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