Royal Enfield – Legend’s Ride

All are passionate about bikes and will do feats to impress others or satisfy themselves.

In the same fashion, I too written my name into the Bikers club by becoming a proud owner for the most exclusive bike – “Royal Enfield Thunderbird TwinSpark“.

Oohups…. I never thinked off riding such a huge bike which almost weighs a 400lbs. (180Kg).

On a fine day, I have tried one of my friend’s bike and on that day only decided that if i want to go for bike, then It will be Royal Enfield. This raised an unusual excitement which finally went in this way.


Briefly to be said –

  • 346 CC engine displacement
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Constant Vacuum carburettor
  • equipped with a front disc brake system

All I spent is a Lakh to fufill my enthusiasm and Crush………..

Sipra's Bike #1 Sipra's Bike #2Sipra's Bike #3

In detail with all the technical specs are availed thru Manufacturer’s Technical Specifications Document.

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  1. mOrpheuS Says:

    Nice bike ! ;)