Informatica Innovation Awards

Great Folks say that easy things are not that much easier to do. But they forgotten to say that it is very hard to achieve some of the milestones.

Here, With very hard and dedicated work; we, our team (Carnival DW team) achieved the prestegious award from the “Informatica Corporation” for the year 2009.

Truley to be said, its a great hearing from the client that our two of the projects got Innovation awards from Infa Corp for this year.

And moreover as a handy contributor, I am pretty much glad and proud that the projects that have recieved these innovation awards have been worked by me as a wholesome.

Firstly, the Innovation award goes to the Customer & Revenue DW groups for improving the customer information to enrich the customer services and in turn the revenue. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was totally responsible for this enrichness.

From last 2 years 10 months, I was extensively working for this business division and was delivering each and every assignement with in the time and more approriately wrt to business functionality and new ideas. We passed many hurdles to reach this great achievement.

I was too initiated into this project with scary hands, and now at a brawn state. Here, I got remember of this great sentence quoted by Harry Lauder

The future is not a gift – it is an achievement.

Secondly, other one came to Carnival UDM integration. This project is a strategic approach for Data integration. It’s an customized project to bring up the various business subject areas information at a glance mailnly the Customer and Revenue norms.

And here I have to be very proud to say that this project was totally driven by me from offshore. We have faced challenging and sleepless timelines to complete the assignements in time, though there have faced the communication gaps about the deliverables.

Lastly, for the year 2009, Informatica announced Carnival Cruise Lines Miami as the SERVICES vertical industry winner…

Thats all about folks and friends about this presentation……………!

And here we go to Informatica site for official presentation – Click here to route Informatica Corporation Anoucement.

Informatica Innovation Awards 2009Download Pdf file

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