Adieu Carnivalites….!

Huh…! Just stepped in Noida on November 16th 2006, for joining in TATA Consultacy Services. There it starts my relation with Carnival Project and it started from the day ONE only.

Well …! Project was just initiated by two of us (Me and Charu). So it started our long working office hours, Interviews, validations, Tele confs and even written examinations. There it lands up and then vasting the teamsize and successful Offshore engagement and thereafter Onsite engagements were achieved.

In this process, I caught up with many friends and colleagues of our team as Sandesh, Sachin, Charu, Puneet, Deepak, Sanjib, Param, Naveen,Atul, Shiv, Rachana, Kandi, Rajesh, Swathi, Neeraj, Manish, Suvanwes, Sandeep and Richa.

With these some account level colleagues, friends, and higher management personnels like Abhijit, Manoharan, Siddhartha, DG, Vijay, Sudesh, Rakesh, GT, Shiva, etc.., were pretty near to me. 

I never believed that i’ll become so close to this account; but with some responsibilites and circumstances, I made my relationships not only in a professional manner and also a step ahead to that of.. but felt in a strange way when the nearest personnels got moved off… Similarly Ihope it happened with my nearest fellow colleagues.

 I don’t know how to express this moment as a glad or sad one, as It resembling the both of them…., I am happy as I am shifting back to bangalore but at the same instant I am going to leave my well settled and friendly team here in Noida….! But finally I should pad up myself as my parents are pretty with this moment.

Nevertheless, in this entire tenure of near about three years, I came across friendly, enjoying, commanding and typical characters and just went thru with each of them with small humps in between.

I was very glad to work with/under these legends (Abhi, Deepu, Rath, etc.,) but very sorrow for the critics that rised with the progress thereafter… Some embarrsing moments made me tough to take these hard decision.

Finally a fact to show up here – I was ethically and loyally worked though out my tenure for the development of project enagagements with ASAP – TCS – Carnival but i am very sad to say that there’s no in return got for me except some relations and friends.

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