ICC World Cup – 2007

ICC World Cup – 2007

I wish Team India to win this World cup, and to rewrite the history after 23 years.

According to me, Ganguly is the best Captain in Indian Cricket History and as expected he retained his place in the team in a very nice manner.

ICC World cup – 2007 Schedules – Download

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3 Comments on “ICC World Cup – 2007”

  1. sipra Says:

    Hurray ….!!! Thanks yar :P

  2. mOrpheuS Says:

    Sigh …

    This sounds so stupid now that we look back at things.

  3. Bhaskar Says:

    Is there any necessity of getting the CWC – 2007 World Cup Shedules by seeing our Pussy’s (Indian Team) performance against Tigers and Lions. :)>-