Microsoft Windows – Defects

              Microsoft Management/Secutiry/Networking teams fixes a lots of bugs,issues on a daily basis. But the following issues never tackled by any personnel of the Microsoft team.

Looks strange as the world’s leading corporation unable to fix these issues and also theses bugs looks more funny and unbelievable. Try out to have fun…….. Hahaha…!

I was very curious to check them out; nevertheless i too got the same errors.

Story #1
Create a folder with “CON” or “con” at any location on your computer.

Don’t know what wrong with the name CON/con, your Microsoft Windows will never create this object.
For more stuff – Donot ask Bill gates.

It has been discovered by an Indian that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer.

Story #2

If you know all the applications thru operated thru Windows. Then do this favour for me.
I wanna to create a notepad with contents”Bush hid the facts” (without any Double quotes) and save it with any filename.txt; then close it. 

Re-open and try to get the same contents”Bush hid the facts”.
It is just a really weird…!

Story #3

This is something unbelievable fact…
Whole Microsoft Team,including Bill Gates, couldn’t answer why this happened!
Try it out yourself and tell me what happens…
Open Microsoft Word and type=rand (200, 99)And then press ENTER

It was discovered by a Brazilian.

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1 Comment on “Microsoft Windows – Defects”

  1. mOrpheuS Says:

    The “issues” above were never tackled ?

    Don’t know what wrong with the name CON/con

    THAT exactly is your problem. Thankfully someone knows that MS-DOS Device Driver Names Cannot be Used as File Names

    “Bush hid the facts” – Notepad encoding detection bug
    This bug has been fixed in Windows Vista, by the way.

    Whole Microsoft Team,including Bill Gates, couldn’t answer why this happened!

    I’m so glad you took the time to ask the “whole Microsoft team”, even Bill Gates !
    I’m pretty sure none of them was aware of a known and well documented feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to quickly insert sample text into a document in Word