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Here goes the story…………………………


Marriage – Pelli (Telugu) – Maduve (Kannada) – Shaadi



It’s a story of the most wonderful things that’l happen to everyone in their lives, and mine is way too special. It’s an awesome experience – me meeting my ‘dream gal’, well u friends got it rite its my “match-making story”.
I used to always wonder watching movies how beautiful it would be….
  • Hero meets Heroine
  • Love @ first sight
  • Misunderstandings
  • Separation
  • Happy endings….. wow how nice, my story isn’t lesser than any movie…
But I finally learnt a lesson which can be texted very simple as……..
A successful marriage is falling in love many times, always with the same person..!

Quick view on how all this happened –

  • Met her formally with my family on 8th August 2010.
  • First impression was the best one and i felt very good about her ;).
  • Met her again for the 2nd time, this time more casually. Just like in movies, we met in green fields :) (it was a feeling i cant put in words).
  • Never spoke to her until we got engaged ;)
  • Then came the  “E-day” (engagement day,it happened on 22 Dec 2010 like the best engagement that anyone could’ve had).
  • Well now comes a famous joke which is true in my case ..”if there’s a long gap between ur engagement and marriage then the benifitters are the “service providers”;):)

    Yeah my dears u got it right,  I’ was on the phone 24*7 :)

  • Lots of ups n downs, no matter what, I’m gonna stand by her forever n ever n ever in her good’s n bad’s. I  promise I’ll never let her down and take care of my princess..
  • So friends now the time has come for the D day :)

    Do join me for the wedding on “22nd May 2011”  (Sunday).

 Invitation card  attached below –
Venue details below –

Location – M.R.K. Function Hall,Bellary, Karnataka

Timings – 22nd May 2011 8:30 AM


Reception –

Location – T.T.D. Kalyana Mandapam, Guntakal.

Timings – 23rd May 2011 11:30 Am

Directions – Below maps will help you reach the marriage venue in Bellary and Reception venue in Guntakal.

Guntakal –

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10 Comments on “Our Marriage Invitation”

  1. Sowbhagya Says:

    Here goes my invitation –


  2. Ravindranath Reddy Says:

    Nice to see ur invitation.

    Hope every dream comes true in ur life.

    Best wishes from
    Nishi, Rekha n Ravi

  3. Ravi Waghmare Says:

    Congratulation my friend !!! Have a wonderful life ahead …

  4. Charu Says:

    Lovely Post Siva.
    Wish you both lots of happiness.
    All the best for the new phase in your life.

  5. sipra Says:

    Thank you all friends..! especially Vindhya.. :)

  6. Gaurav Tewari Says:

    Wishing you both a Happy Married life and good luck !!!!…. keep up with what you have shared here ….

    All the best !!!!

    Cheers :)

  7. Ashish Lavaniya Says:

    Heartiest Congratulations to couple!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you both.

    All the best to both of you for stepping in new phase of your life..:)

  8. Sowbhagya Says:

    Thank you one and all for your lovable wishes. :)

  9. Veerendra Gowd Says:

    thanks for the invite and I wish you a happy marriage life.
    well come to the club :)

  10. Srikanth Says:

    Thanx for calling and wish u a happy married life.

    Enjoy the life.

    I need a small help from u, if u can i just need Jyo’s adress. I just want to see her life once, how is she and to restart my life.