What are we ……?

It’s a question to be asked by ourselves before giving statements on it.
Are the people behaving with some humanity or not ? It’s a question raised in each personnel in these days.

Nation shocked and shivered with successive bomb blasts in last 4 months and in last week terrorist attacking the Indian Financial capital. Adding to this our politicians/Leaders partitioning the country/state into religious/caste/regional divisions for their possess benefits.

Humans are naming themselves as hindus, muslims, Indians, Americans, Delhites, Andhrites but they never they that “we are HUMANS….

And moreover theseĀ film-makers making money based on these elements. And News Channels are just trying to incerase their TRP rating’s showing each and every part of these elements in hawk view. It’s a decision to be taken by Humans whether they all are same or not for further survival.

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