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                     I have been striving to find out the status of my Income Tax Refunds and checking status of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). Oftenly people will struggle a lot about the refuds and TDS factors and become tedious as they won’t get a positive response, else they need to give a commission to the service providers to make these works handy..!

While googling, Thankfully, Tax Information Network website popped up and answered my questions.

So, now the question is, how do we check our refund status (or) Tax Statements?

                You need to register by visiting this page to get Annual Tax Statement simply called as Form 26 AS. You will have to fill in required details online where in after selecting your state and city, you need to click “select TIN-FC” radio button and have to take printout of this form. Then within 5 days, the authorized person from TIN-FC will get in touch with you, their person will visit your place, verify the details and collect Rs. 17 + taxes as fees. And within 3 days your account will be activated.

Once the account is active(you will recieve email/postal notification. You need to login here with your details .

Once logged in, the site will give you access to Tax Statements of all the years. (From the year you have started filing tax). The statement will show the details of Tax Deducted at Source, Tax Collected at Source, (Advance) Tax Paid and Tax Refunds Paid. Next to each TDS entry, it displays the status of each entry, which basically says, the Tax amount was accepted by the government or not.

Refund Status

                 If you want to check the status of your Tax Refunds, then you can directly check it here. Absolutely no need to register to check the status, you just need a PAN card number. If you are facing any difficulties there, you can call them up on the helpline: 1800 425 9760 or email to the concerned.

 I hope this helps someone.

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