Roman Stories about Months

We all knew that there were 12 months in an year. But many secrets are there behind these month names and one of them which I read recently is pretty close and linked to these Roman Stories.

Coming in detail about these stories for each month is as follows –


Hundred Years ago, A Roman King named “Janas” who had two heads in opposite to each other. Romans believe that the work which initiated by praying him will get succeeded. So January is named on this God’s name.


This was named based on the Roman festival “Februa” and it is celebrated on the name of god Lupercas. This month is placed second as of now, but in ancient periods (before Christ) this holded as the last month of the year.


Hope this all knew why it got named as March. It’s got due to the “Mars” God who’s treated as the god of War. With this reason March was named with this Gods name.


Roman’s beautiful Godess named “Amnia Aprit” is resemblance of Spring Season. Till that time, Fall and Winter seasons make every living thing lifeless and with this Godess arrival, all the dead one’s will grow up again..! So they named the April Month with her name.


God who will carrying Earth on this shoulders called “ATLAS”. He had Seven Daughter’s and among them “MAIYA” will be trateda s godess. Father of all Gods converts these Seven Daughter’s of ATLAS into Stars and all the seven stars which are visible at a glance will be noted as them. May Month got named with MAIYA Godess.


Father of God’s Wife is “JUNO” who will be heading on a Peacock Chariot and she had too much Ego. In Due life course she fought with a God called “Junious“; but no one know who Won this War but named June on their name.


Unlike all the month names as they are named with one or other God/Godess names, only this month got named on Roman King called “Julios Cesar“. He accomplished many Countries in war and created maintained Justice. He only acquired Britan and habituated the Human Civilization to them.


Nephew of greatest Roman King “Julios cesar” is “Augustus“. In ancient days, July has only 30 days and they added a day taking it from February Month.

Rest of the Four months aren’t named by Romans. They say that there’s no other King equivalent to Augustus, so they haven’t named the upcoming months thereafter. So that’s why the last four months September, October, November and December got changed from “Septem“, “Octem“, “Novem” and “Decem” respectively.

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