Farmville – Social networking game

Farmville,is from a social network game developer called Zynga, located in California, United States. They develop only browser based games where in a user needs an account and can play games only online that too on web browser. Most of them based on Adobe flash player.

They operate in India from Bangalore, a IT hub of our nation.

About Game –
This game allows members of FB to manage a virtual farm by plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops, harvesting trees and bushes, and by raising the pets like sheep, bull, cows, pigs, hens, elephants, ducks and many more..! A player may also buy or receive from friends livestock and trees or bushes,Vehicles like Harvesor, Tractor and seeder.

Neighbors may also send gifts to each other in the form of mystery gifts with expensive, but random items, special deliveries with building supplies, or by choosing a particular item to send.

Players can built their storage sheds where in they can store the gifts, buildings, etc, Even a player can bhilt a garage where in he can store his vehicles and upgrade them by spening the farm cash or from the gifts sent by the neighbours. As you go on increasing your neighbours, the area of your farm can be upgraded or the other option is to spent farm cash.Farmville

Recently England’s farms have been added and by having a set of bon voyage friends, you can travel to England where you can start the simialr kind of farming.

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